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Research within the Anderson Group focuses on all areas of separation science and sample preparation. We are specifically interested in employing and understanding the role that ionic liquids (ILs), polymeric ionic liquids (PILs), and magnetic ionic liquids (MILs) play in chromatographic separations and sample preparation, particularly microextraction-based techniques. In addition, we develop new synthetic approaches of these compounds for targeted applications within the fields of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. The Anderson Group collaborates with a number of academic research groups in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia. We also work closely with numerous industrial collaborators as we develop separation/sample preparation methodologies that solve challenging industrial problems.”

Jared L. Anderson

Email: andersoj@iastate.edu
Office: 1605 Gilman
2415 Osborn Dr
Ames IA
Tel: 515-294-8356


Jared L. Anderson, Alice Hudson Professor of Chemistry, joined the chemistry faculty in August 2015 and is also a Faculty Scientist in Ames Laboratory. Prior to joining ISU, he was a faculty member at The University of Toledo from 2005 through 2015 where he held the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor of chemistry. He earned his B.S. in 2000… see more


7/8/22 Congratulations to former postdoc, Dr. Maria Jose Trujillo-Rodriguez, for obtaining a highly competitive Ramón y Cajal position in Spain!

7/6/22 Congratulations to Qamar for successfully defending his Ph.D.! Dr. Farooq has accepted a Scientist position at PPD and will begin his position in August!

6/25/22 Our group welcomes Maria Dugan! Maria is a graduate of the College of St. Scholastica in MN and the Mayo Clinic and is entering the chemistry graduate program at ISU in August. In our lab this summer, Maria is working on digital droplet LAMP for nucleic acid diagnostics and nucleic acid preconcentration using thin film devices.

6/25/22 We welcome Troy Skinner to the Anderson Group! Troy is participating in the ACS Project Seed program at Iowa State University and will be working on silver(I) ions in olefin separations and with deep eutectic solvents. His project is supported by the National Science Foundation. This is the 17th year that the Anderson Group has participated in the ACS Project SEED program.

5/24/22 Our group welcomes Curran Birdwell for the summer! Curran is a computer scientist who is working with us to develop image processing algorithms that can be incorporated into smartphone applications for use in our portable nucleic acid diagostics platforms.

5/16/22 Our group welcomes Miles Byington to the group! Miles is a junior in chemical engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He is participating in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program through the Department of Energy and Ames Laboratory. In our lab, his research is focused on developing an understanding of how water, elevated temperatures, and gas streams affect the stability of silver-containing ionic liquid systems for olefin/parrafin separations.

5/3/22 Congratulations to Pedro for being awarded the Alice and Donald Hudson Undergraduate Research scholarship! Pedro will use these funds to support his research this summer targeted towards the design and synthesis of new materials for nucleic acid capture!

5/1/22 We are excited to hear that our proposal to the Chemical Measurement and Imaging Program at the National Science Foundation has been recommended for funding, allowing our chemical measurement studies to continue!

4/25/22 Congratulations to Han, Shu-An, Derek, and Nabeel for the awards that they received at the 2022 Graduate Awards Ceremony within the Department of Chemistry!

4/22/22 Congratulations to Victoria for passing her preliminary examination and her promotion to Ph.D. candidacy!

4/14/22 Congratulations to Shu-An for passing her preliminary examination and her promotion to Ph.D. candidacy!

4/6/22 Congratulations to Derek for passing his preliminary examination and his promotion to Ph.D. candidacy!

3/6/22 Congratulations to Kevin Clark who just accepted a faculty position in the Department of Chemistry at Tufts University! Kevin, who obtained his Ph.D. in 2018, will begin his position as assistant professor in Fall 2022. Congratulations, Professor Clark!

2/14/22 Our group welcomes Pedro Pliego to the group! Pedro is a senior undergraduate chemistry major and his research project involves developing smartphone-based approaches to performing chemical analysis, particularly in DNA colorimetric assays.

2/13/22 This link showcases the 8 areas of research currently underway within the Anderson Group: (1) separation science, (2) isolation/purification/analysis of target analytes from complex matrices, (3) food chemistry, (4) 3D printing, (5) synthesis of green and sustainable solvents, (6) nucleic acid diagonistics, (7) smartphone-based (bio)sensors, and (8) pharmaceutical analysis.

1/12/22 We welcome Dr. Irán Ocaña Rios to the group! Dr. Ocaña Rios was awarded a highly competitive Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship through the U.S.-Mexico Commission for Educational Exchange (COMEXUS). In our lab, she will work on the development of chemical measurement systems that can rapidly detect trace levels of pollutants from various sample matrices. Her work will facilitate the development of stronger ties and collaborations in analytical separation science and chemical measurement between the U.S. and Mexico.

1/2/22 Our group welcomes Giulia Mastellone! Giulia is a Ph.D. student at the Università degli Studi di Torino in Italy and will spend time in our group working on research projects related to plant analysis.

11/19/21 We welcome the following four new Ph.D. students to the research group! Nick Tryon-Tasson (College of St. Scholastica, Minnesota); SeongSoo Lee (Changwon National University, Korea); Ethan Leung (University of Wisconsin-Madison); and Danial Shamsaei (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran).

11/15/21 Our group’s research involving the tailoring of microextraction surface chemistry and COVID-19 diagnostics was presented at the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Plainsboro, New Jersey!

11/4/21 Dr. Anderson presents an invited webinar at the IMIL Webinars sponsored by the University of Santiago de Chile — USACH.

10/15/21 Dr. Anderson presents an invited talk at the 18th Latin American Congress of Chromatography (COLACRO) in Cartagena, Columbia.

10/8/21 Our collaborative work with the Smith and Petrich groups in using machine learning algorithms to determine the concentration of water in ionic liquids by Raman spectroscopy has been accepted for publication in Analytica Chimica Acta !

9/29/21 Congratulations to Qamar and Victoria for acceptance of their manuscript in Journal of Chromatography A!

9/24/21 Congratulations to Philip for the acceptance of his manuscript that deconvolutes the role of olefin selectivity in silver(I) ion containing ionic liquid mixtures in Analytical Chemistry!

9/15/21 Our newest 3D printer, an Ultimaker S5 Pro system with Air Manager and Material Station, has arrived and been set up in the lab!

9/2/21 We are excited to work with a great team of researchers led by Dr. Tanya Prozorov of Ames Laboratory to establish novel geologically-inspired approaches for rare-earth separations! The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $2.89 million to the research team!

8/6/21 We look forward to collaborating with Professors Bara, Szilvasi, Rupar, Turner, and Koh at the University of Alabama on the newly funded $2.0 million NSF EFRI proposal focused on depolymerization of plastic waste!

8/4/21 Katia and Philip’s study focused on examining the selectivity of metal containing polymeric ionic liquids in SPME has been published in Journal of Separation Science!

8/4/21 Our manuscript with Prof. Kuroda on biocompatible cellulose solvents has been accepted for publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering!

8/2/21 Congratulations to Nabeel and Qamar for the acceptance of their manuscript on choline chloride DESs in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering!

8/2/21 Congratulations to Danny Bonomo, a rising senior from Xavier University (Ohio), for presenting a great presentation to Ames Laboratory! Danny was a summer SULI student who worked on measuring infinite dilution activity coefficients in deep eutectic solvents.

5/13/21 Congratulations to Nabeel for passing his preliminary Ph.D. candidacy exam!

4/19/21 Prof. Anderson has been invited to present a virtual keynote lecture at the 33rd International Conference of Analytical Sciences jointly organized by the Malaysian Analytical Sciences Society and the Universiti Malaya. This conference’s theme is: “Green Aspirations: A Way Forward for a Sustainable World”.

4/19/21 Prof. Anderson will chair a virtual symposium through LCGC Europe to take place on June 18 that will highlight new advancements and innovations in the field of sample preparation.

4/14/21 Congratulations to Dr. Miranda Emaus on the successful defense of her Ph.D. dissertation! Miranda has accepted a position at Detect!

4/7/21 Congratulations to Marcelino for successfully defending his Ph.D.! Dr. Varona has accepted an Associate Scientist position at Genentech!

3/20/21 Our group welcomes the following three new Ph.D. students: Shashini De Silva, Bhawana Thapa, and Faysal Ahmed.

3/2/21 All Anderson Group members are giving presentations at the virtual Pittcon Conference! See below for dates and titles of all presentations:

  • 3/8: Marcelino: “Sequence-Specific, Visual Detection of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) on Nucleic Acid Lateral-flow Immunoassay Strips Enabled by Molecular Beacon Probes”
  • 3/8: Miranda: “Simultaneous Cell Lysis and DNA Extraction using Magnetic Ionic Liquids”
  • 3/8: Han: “Pyrrole-Based Ionic Liquids as Functional Materials for Microscale Bioanalysis”
  • 3/8: Donghyun: “Investigating the Stability of Silver (I) Ion in Ionic Liquids using Inverse Gas Chromatography”
  • 3/8: Victoria: “Exploring Higher Magnetic Susceptibility Magnetic Ionic Liquids as Extraction Solvents for Biomolecules”
  • 3/8: Shu-An: “Investigating 3D Printed Chromatographic Devices using Commercial Stereolithography Printers”
  • 3/8: Nabeel: “Elucidating the Solvation Characteristics of Choline-based Deep Eutectic Solvents for Separations”
  • 3/8: Jared: “Coupling Microextraction Approaches and Isothermal Amplification Assays for Point-of-Care Diagnostics”
  • 3/9: Philip: “Examining the Stabilization of Silver(I) Ion in Various Ionic Liquids using Gas Chromatography and Elucidation of the Separation Mechanism in Argentation Chromatography”
  • 3/9: Jared: “New Strategies for High Throughput Nucleic Acid Analysis”
  • 3/12: Derek: “Development of Microextraction Approaches for the Analysis of Nucleic Acids from Swine Oral Fluid and Human Plasma with Colorimetric Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Detection”
  • 3/12: Qamar: “Studying Inclusion Complex Formation in Cyclodextrin Based Deep Eutectic Solvents by Headspace Single Drop Microextraction”

2/23/21 Prof. Anderson accepts an invitation to present an invited lecture at the 2021 Eastern Analytical Symposium in a session titled “Novel surface/system chemistries with potential applications to COVID-19 related analytical/preparative separation challenges” organized by Dr. Fabrice Gritti, Waters Corporation.

2/20/21 Congratulations to Anderson group members on the following recent publications: (a) Nabeel and Qamar on their publication in Journal of Chromatography A on modulating solvation interactions of deep eutectic solvents; (b) Marcelino and Derek on their publication in Analytical Chemistry on coupling a molecular beacon assay to lateral flow strips for the rapid detection of single-nucelotide polymorphisms; (c) Miranda on her recent publication in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry in demonstrating ion-tagged oligonucleotides for the selective extraction of low abundance BRAF V600E mutation from plasma, artifical sputum, and urine.

2/20/21 Prof. Anderson accepts an invitation to present a plenary lecture at the 2022 international conference “Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology (ILSEPT5)” organized by Prof. Jason Hallett (Imperial College, London) and Prof. Mark Shiflett (Univ. Kansas).

1/13/21 Congratulations to Marcelino for receiving the 2021 Student Excellence Award from the Chinese American Chromatography Association!

12/9/20 Congratulations to Han for passing her oral preliminary exam and progressing to Ph.D. candidacy!

12/8/20 Our work published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering has been chosen to appear on the cover of the December 14, Volume 8 issue of the journal! This work highlights our most recent results from our Ames Laboratory project sponsored by the DOE Separation Science Program.

12/7/20 Our collaborative work with Prof. Shan Jiang’s group in Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been chosen as the cover in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!

11/30/20 Our group’s research is highlighted in the 2020 Advisory Board Members virtual issue of Analytical Chemistry!

11/23/20 Congratulations to Qamar, Nabeel, and Gabe! Their manuscript, accepted in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, represents the first ever study to exploit chromatography to elucidate the role of hydrogen bond donor and acceptor on solvation in deep eutectic solvents!

11/11/20 Our collaborative work with Professor Shan Jiang’s group in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at ISU has been published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!.

11/10/20 Congratulations to Philip for passing his oral preliminary exam and progressing to Ph.D. candidacy!

11/10/20 Congratulations to Philip, Donghyun, and Henry! Their manuscript studying the stability of silver ions in ionic liquids for olefin separations has been accepted in ACS Omega!.

10/28/20 Prof. Anderson accepts an invitation to join the editoral advisory board of Trends in Analytical Chemistry (TrAC).

10/7/20 Our collaborative work with Professors Carasek and Merib at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre in Brazil has been accepted for publication in Talanta!

9/2/20 The Separation Science Program at the U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a 3 year, $2.45 million dollar grant to study the nanoscale ordering of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents. The work will be completed through Ames Laboratory and is a collaboration between the Anderson, Smith, Petrich and Song groups. Click here to learn more about this work and Ames Laboratory.

9/1/20 Congratulations to Miranda, Marcelino, Derek, Shu-An, and Victoria! Their manuscript on nucleic acid analysis methods in Trends in Analytical Chemistry will be featured on the journal’s cover for the September 2020 issue!

9/1/20 Congratulations to Miranda! Her manuscript has been chosen as a “Paper in Forefront” in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry!

6/30/20 Our collaborative work with Prof. Rocha’s group at the University of Aveiro in Portugal has been accepted for publication in Microchemical Journal!

6/18/20 Dr. Anderson presents a talk on two-dimensional chromatography to the global chromatography and mass spectrometry group at ExxonMobil Chemical.

6/9/20 Marcelino’s newest manuscript describing the use of carbodiimide crosslinker chemistry to modify polyacrylate-based sorbent coatings for sequence-selective DNA extraction using solid-phase microextraction has been accepted for publication in Analytical Methods!

6/3/20 As we approach the year anniversary since the release of the National Academies of Science reported titled “A Research Agenda for Transforming Separation Science”, Dr. Anderson has written a Viewpoints article that will appear in the August edition of LCGC Magazine.

6/2/20 Our group welcomes Echo DeVries and Vy Tat to the group for the summer! Echo will enter the Ph.D. program at ISU this fall and obtained her bachelors degree from Clarke University. Vy is currently an undergraduate chemistry major at Concordia University in Moorhead, Minnesota.

5/4/20 Our collaborative work with Prof. Kenessov’s group at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Kazakhstan and Prof. Koziel at ISU has been accepted for publication in Microchemical Journal.

4/29/20 Our group is working on the battle against SARS-CoV-2 by designing and developing consolidated sample preparation and diagnostic assays that can be used at the point-of-care. Stay tuned!

4/29/20 Check out these recently published and accepted papers by the group: 1) Marcelino and Derek’s paper in Analytical Chemistry, (2) Chenghui and Marcelino’s paper in ACS Omega, (3) Miranda’s paper accepted to Analytica Chimica Acta and chosen by the editors to appear as a ‘feature article’ and on the journal’s front cover!

4/28/20 Congratulations to Chenghui and Gabe! They both successfully defended their theses over the past two weeks to earn their Masters degrees in chemistry.

4/28/20 Prof. Anderson has been invited to serve on the editorial board of Talanta Open, a new open access journal created by Elsevier.

4/28/20 Congratulations to Miranda and Qamar! Miranda received the Professor William G. Tong Scholarship in Analytical Chemistry and Qamar received the David N. and Minnie I. Wall Graduate Scholarship awarded by the Department of Chemistry this spring!

4/9/20 Orders have been placed for additional chromatographic instrumentation and a high temperature furnace system for the lab! We will now be able to 3D print and cure ceramic components!

4/5/20 Our newest 3D printer has arrived from B9 Creations! This is our 3rd 3D Printer in the lab and this printer uses digital light projection (DLP) to photo-reactively cure the polymer.

4/5/20 Our entire group attended Pittcon in Chicago in March! Excellent talks were presented by Marcelino, Miranda, Qamar, Chenghui, Han, Philip, and Nabeel!

1/21/20 Professor Anderson has been invited to present an invited talk at HPLC 2020, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the conference!

1/2/20 Our group welcomes Katia Yavir to the group! Katia is a visiting Ph.D. student from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland.

11/27/19 We are adding to our 3D printing capabilities! We anxiously await the delivery of the newest Formlabs Form 3 SLA 3D printer and are excited to exploit FDM and SLA printing capabilities in our research!

11/15/19 Congratulations to Ashley Bowers for the defense of her MS thesis!

11/06/19 We welcome the following new graduate students to the Anderson Group: Victoria Zeger, Shu-An Hsieh, Derek Eitzmann, and Donghyun Ryoo!

10/31/19 Congratulations to Muhammad Qamar Farooq for passing his preliminary exam and advancing to Ph.D. candidacy!

10/29/19 Congratulations to Dr. He Nan for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation. He will begin his new position at AbbVie in January!

10/22/19 Congratulations to Professor Anderson for officially being named the inaugural Alice Hudson Professor of Chemistry!

10/18/19 Professor Anderson accepts an invitation to join the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Analytical Chemistry!

10/11/19 Congratulations to Dr. Anderson for being selected as TOP100 Analytical Scientists in The Power List 2019!!!

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