Facebook Page Embed

Embedding a Facebook page into your site is as simple as inserting a single line of code. After the Cambridge Analytica situation in 2018, only Facebook Pages can be embedded fully into a page. If you have a Facebook group, you cannot embed your feed onto a page.


Example Shortcode

[las_facebook_feed pageid='yourfacebookpageid']

Using the LAS Facebook Page ID, LiberalArtsandSciencesISU, will display the following:

Available Options:

Place these options in a series before the last bracket to add/disabled features.

  • height=”numberofpixels”
    Change the height of the embedded frame
  • width=”numberofpixels”
    Change the width of the embedded frame
  • data-show-facepile=”false”
    Show the faces of friends who like the page
  • data-hide-cover=”true”
    Hide the cover photo
  • data-small-header’=”true”
    Use a smaller-width header
  • data-hide-cta=”true”
    Hide the “send message” or other Call-to-Action button, replacing it with simply Share
  • adapt-container-width=”false”
    Try and adapt the width of the embed to fit the current div/container