WordPress Menus provide an intuitive interface for creating navigation lists.

Editing Menus

It is best to use the Customize section to edit menus:

  • From the Admin Bar: Customize > Menus
  • From the Admin Dashboard: Appearance > Customize > Menus

You can add Menu Items for Pages, Posts, and even Categories. You can also add a Menu Item that is a web link. The Menu editing interface allows you to drag and drop to reorder Menu Items.

Special Menus

Site Menu (aka Top Level Menu, aka Main Menu)
The menu at the top of the website is always named top-level.

The list of links shown in the bottom left of the footer is always named footer.

Note, these definitions are specific to the current version of the custom LAS WP Network theme.

Page Menus

A menu that displays on the right-hand side of a Page is called a Page Menu. The way that Page Menus work is specific to the custom LAS WP Network theme, based on creating a Menu that is named the slug of the parent Page.

  1. Find the slug of the parent Page, e.g., the Admissions page has the slug "admissions" (see the Edit view for the Page)
  2. Create a new Menu with the name of the slug, e.g., name the menu admissions

The Page Menu will be displayed on the parent Page and any child pages.