Signing in

To sign in to manage your site:

1. Sign in to the ISU VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Client) with your ISU NetID and password (even if you are on campus).
2. Sign in to WordPress using your ISU NetID and password. Your actual login link will vary. Please see the instruction email you should have received from the LAS Communications team.

Video Tutorial


Why do I have to use VPN on-campus?

Access to the administrative side of your site is restricted to ISU VPN connections and authenticated by ISU NetID, whether on-campus or off, in order to enhance security of the web server.

How do I set up VPN on my computer?

Follow the instructions provided by ITS to install the VPN client. You may need to have your IT support person install the VPN client.

How do I use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client?

  • Open the application, then enter “” in the field, click Connect.
  • At the prompt for your username and password, enter your ISU NetID and password.

How do I get access to the site?

A Network Administrator (“Super-Admin”) will need to provide you access to a site on the LAS WP Network before you can sign in.