Site administration

Adding administrative users

Contact the LAS WP Network Admin to add a user to administer your site. Administration access for your site can be provided to anyone with an ISU NetID.

Access roles

Two primary access roles are assigned: Administrator and Editor.

  • Administrators are the primary contact for the site and have complete editing and access privileges.
    • Administrators can remove other users from a site, but only the LAS WP Network Admin can add a user.
  • Editors can add and edit site content, but can’t edit Menus.

Usually a site will have one Administrator and many Editors.

Admin Dashboard

All WordPress website administration is conducted through a web interface. The Admin Dashboard is the landing space for the administrative web interface. The Dashboard menu provides a tabular view of all site content records.

Admin Bar

While signed in to administer a WordPress site, a black Admin Bar will display at the top of every page. The Admin Bar provides quick access to edit a specific Page/Post and to navigate to the Admin Dashboard