The following terms are organized topically. Use your browser search to jump to a specific topic. There are many resources available to learn about WordPress, but the following definitions try to simplify and stay relevant to ISU sites and available technologies.


Administration Interface (Dashboard)
the screens that allow you to edit site pages and posts, add users, change settings, etc. Currently features a grey background and dark left-hand menu.
Admin Bar
the dark bar at the top of each page of your site. Visible only while you are logged in (i.e., not visible to general visitors).
Screen Options
you have the option to customize your editing screens using the Screen Options link at the top right hand of any edit screen. Check different field titles to determine what is shown when you view an edit screen.
a theme is a collection of files that determine how every page in your site is loaded in a web browser. A typical webpage can be divided into a Header, Main section, and Footer. A Theme defines what all sections will look like, places the Page or Post content in the Main section, and loads the appropriate Menus.